Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Q : How to hire a staff ? 
A : Contact to Tini by phone / sms +62 81288886875 or email :

Please give us your details & requests. Then we will help you to set up an appointment & interview with the candidate. (Your details = your name, your nationality, & where do you live in Jakarta/Indonesia ) Without your details we will not response your request.

Q : Do we need to pay for this service ?
A : Yes.  
  • For interviewing JHS staff you just have to provide the transport fee. For south Jakarta minimum Rp. 50.000,- / candidate, for example. 
  • Then if you decide to employ a candidate that has been introduced by JHS, the fee will be    Rp 1.000.000,-
  • This fee is guarantee : if the arrangement with the staff failed within 3 months, we will give you back 100% of this fee. 
Note : Any banking transfer fee will be at your charge. 

: How do I pay the fee ?
A : You can pay by cash or bank account transfer on the following account. 

Transfer to : WIRANTINI

BCA Bank Acc : 1281427577

Mandiri Bank Acc : 126-00-0513637-8

Q  : Can we interview the staff for my friend or client ?
A : We are sorry, we don't provide third party service. The user must contact us directly.

Q : The salary expectation written at the blog is all in, or just basic salary ?
A : Just basic salary, not include food allowance or transport fee for live out staff.

Q : How many days a week the staff can work ?
A : JHS Staffer can work maximum 6 days/week

Q : What are the obligation of the employer to the staff ?
A : (Our advice)
  •  To pay the salary on timely basis
  •  To provide medical care
  •  To provide a safe working environment
  •  To give her/his respect
  •  To treat her/his as a human being